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transformation is possible.

"Your tools and tips to transformation have already been transforming my life and it was a blessing to hear from you! I definitely want to look back at them and implement them into my everyday life again! Also, thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us. It was amazing!"

Workshop Attendee

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"Peter is a powerful communicator. His speaking connects on a deep level, through humor, personal stories, powerful analogies and practical takeaways. Each time he has spoken at Lifegate we have seen a great response. In every interaction with Peter, his genuine heart for God and people show right through. I highly recommend Peter as a coach, counselor or communicator."

Chad Benson

Pastor Lifegate Church Burleson, TX 

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"Having Peter speak at The Grace Place is always a highlight. Peter's biblical approach to mental health leaves our people with hope and tools for managing their emotional and spiritual lives."

Shawn Sanseverino

Pastor The Grace Place Arlington, TX



Scripture-based and science-informed sermons or interviews for your church services that inspire your people on their transformation journey.


Community Workshop

Workshops to serve your church and community with practical tips and tools. These workshops can be faith-based for your church or science-informed to use as a community outreach.



Interactive development sessions to learn frameworks and tools to improve their personal mental health and the mental health of everyone they serve.


Engaging conversations give people the opportunity to listen or watch your leaders have healthy discussions about mental health.

Peter's Speaker Reel

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Chris Railey

Pastor Oaks Church Red Oak, TX

“Peter is the right voice at the right time to bring awareness of issues of mental and emotional health, and the practical tools to lead people to a life of health and strength. We’ve had Peter speak to our church and to our staff on many occasions and he is so well received every time. I can truly say our church and our team are better equipped for a life of health and to live in their God given purpose because of Peter’s investment in us. I highly recommend Peter to you as a valuable resource to speak to and work with any church or team.”

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Peter Piñón, MS, LPC-S 

Licensed Professional Counselor
 Mental Health Coach

 Common topics

  • Mental
  • Moving past
  • Overcoming
  • Processing
  • Managing
  • Walking through
  • Stress
  • Strengthening
  • Parenting
  • Building
  • Communication
    Tips & Tools
  • Conflict
  • Compassion
  • Burnout

Note: Other topics may be available by request

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