Online Content Disclaimer

Before we get started, thank you for taking time to read and watch our online content. Your support means so much.

Please read each response below to help you use our content wisely and responsibly.

Is Peter my mental health professional?

First of all, I want to make it clear that I am a licensed mental health professional and mental health coach, but I am not your personal mental health professional on this platform (website or any social media sites). That means that while I'm happy and honored to offer general suggestions or opinions based on my education and training to the Minds Connected community at large, I cannot provide coaching, counseling, or therapy via these platforms, including DMs, Messenger, emails, etc.

By reading, watching, and following my content, you are not my client and we do not have a therapeutic relationship or coaching agreement. There is no informed consent or agreement in place. This account is solely for the purposes described above to increase and promote mental health, leadership, and relationship education and awareness.

How should I use this content?

I want to emphasize that these platforms are for information, education, inspiration, and encouragement only. It is not considered professional services, and I will not confirm or deny whether your opinion or decision is right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy, even if you ask. Just want to keep our relationship healthy.

Can you help my find a mental health professional?

I often receive requests to help people find a therapist or professional service provider, and while I may offer resources and recommendations publicly, this is not for the purpose of referrals. Please use your favorite search engine to find a therapist in your area (e.g., “therapist near [your city/area]”) 

Can I share your content?

If you'd like to quote, share, or repost any content from my website or social media posts, you are more than welcome to do so! Just make sure to give credit where credit is due. Appreciate you!

How do you handle public comments?

I want to make sure that everyone on this page feels safe, honored, respected and valued, which is why I will delete any comments that do not reflect and protect those values. You are welcome to share any and all of your opinions on your pages. Thanks for understanding.

Will you respond to my messages on social media?

If you are my client, you are absolutely welcome to read, watch, and follow me on social media. However, ethically, I cannot engage, i.e. follow or respond to DMs or comments from my clients. Please know that there are no exceptions to this rule.

What should I do if I’m having a mental health crisis?

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis or emergency, I’m so sorry, and I’m hoping all the best for you, but do not contact me for help in this situation, please call/text 988, 911 or go to your closest emergency room. I will not respond to emergency requests through platforms. I don’t want to put you at risk by waiting for my reply when there are other professionals that are always available.

How do you handle confidentiality?

Finally, I want to stress that I take client confidentiality very seriously. While you are welcome to reveal and disclose your own identity as a client of Minds Connected/Peter Piñon, you may and should not reveal the identity of another client. Doing so would be a break of confidentiality and we would take all available steps to protect the revealed client's rights, including blocking the offending client from accessing our social media, contacting legal authorities, and referring the offending client to another practice. I know sounds intense, but like I said, confidentiality is serious to me.

Thanks for being a part of the Minds Connected Community, so glad we get to think better together.

Take care of yourself!


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