The power of shared awareness

Oct 19 / Peter Piñón
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During my college years, amidst the hustle of assignments and exams, I found myself grappling with a silent battle – anxiety. 

Day in and day out, it felt like a shadow following me, influencing my choices and clouding my potential. 

The weight of it grew heavier until, one evening, after getting out of my night class, I finally opened up to my roommate about the struggle within. 

And that moment, that act of sharing, became a pivot in my journey.

Sharing my anxiety was more than just a conversation; it was an act of shared awareness. And it made all the difference.

But why does sharing our innermost insights and struggles matter so much? Good question. Let’s talk about it. 

The Impact of Shared Awareness:

1. Building Trust: When you share a piece of your soul, it deepens the bond. Trust is fostered when we let someone into our internal world.
2. Mutual Growth: Like with my roommate, the act of sharing can lead to a ripple effect, empowering both to change and grow.
3. Clarity and Understanding: By expressing our internal dialogue, we provide a clearer picture of our experiences, cutting out the potential for misinterpretations, and most of all, misunderstandings. 
4. Collaborative Solutions: Two heads are often better than one, especially when navigating complex emotions or situations. 

My roommate’s suggestions were not only helpful, but I felt like I wasn’t alone anymore. 

Yet, so many of us hold back, believing our revelations are too personal or might disrupt the status quo. 

The truth? They might. 

But in that disruption lies growth, connection, and deeper understanding.

Implementing Shared Awareness in Relationships:

1. Consistent Check-ins: Dedicate time each week to genuinely discuss your thoughts, feelings, and any internal discoveries.
2. Active Listening: When your family member or friend speaks, give them your undivided attention. It's a gift that fosters deeper connection.
3. Seek Perspective: Understand their view on what you've shared. It's enlightening to grasp another's perspective on our own experiences.
4. Joint Reflections: Consider keeping a shared journal or a space where you both can write, share, and discuss personal insights. Or, you can just use your text thread. 
5. Engage in Shared Activities: Whether it's attending a seminar, reading a book, or even taking a course, do things together that promote introspection and discussion.

At the end of the day, our journey of self-awareness is profoundly personal. 

But when we take a step to share, to open up like I did with my roommate, we unlock a powerful tool for connection, understanding, and mutual growth. 

Shared awareness is the bridge that transforms personal insights into collective wisdom. It's a bridge worth crossing.
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