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Minds Connected Sabbatical Program

3 Month plan

Newbie course creators
Billed annually
Includes basic features plus:
  • Unlimited Access to Lessons
  • Limited Access to Video Exchange Library
  • Up to 5 Video Submissions to Teacher
  • Finance Theory Workshop

6 Month plan

 Pro course creators
Billed annually - Save $60
Includes basic features plus:
  • 10 interactive handbooks
  • Unlimited Access to Lessons
  • Unlimited Access to Video Exchange Library
  • Up to 12 Video Submissions to Teacher

12 Month plan

High volume schools
Billed annually - Save $80
Includes basic features plus:
  • Finance Theory Workshop
  • 25 interactive handbooks
  • Unlimited Access to Lessons
  • Unlimited Access to Video Exchange Library

Sabbaticals can be one of the best times of your life, but it's so much more than a vacation, so here’s how we can work together for you to get the most out of your time.

We have 3 packages:

 Level 1

  • Pre-sabbatical session
  • Sabbatical session
  • Reentry session

Total Investment   $500

 Level 2

  • Pre-sabbatical session
  • Sabbatical half-day intensive
  • Reentry session

Total Investment   $1,000

 Level 3

    • Pre-sabbatical session
    • Sabbatical full-day intensive
    • Reentry session

Total Investment   $2,000

Note: Intensives can be online or in-person. In-person workshops will also include covering travel expenses.

All packages include access to the following resources:

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Ultimate Distance Training

Boost your confidence, master the field, become a certified professional. Learn to use all the related tools, walk into a job and be a rock star from day one. The skills you need to become a real professional. Thrive in your career.
I am most grateful that my teacher not only makes learning fun and shares his knowledge, but his passion for his field as well. I could not have found a better place to learn new skills.
Jenna White
The school has everything that I need for successful study: textbooks, daily assignments, planner, notebooks, a staff who are very skilled and experienced, and ready to help at any time.
Walter Gomez

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Frequently asked questions

What courses will I take?

All music majors take a group of basic musicianship classes including music theory, ear training, music history, and music technology, and piano specific lessons. You will also take private lessons with an applied instructor.

What can our Academy offer that I cannot get at other online schools?

First, you will participate in a thriving music department, surrounded by a culturally and musically rich community. Next, you will have the opportunity to learn from some of the most notable musicians in the field. Third, our academy is intricately involved with music education across the U.S. Our students regularly participate in local, state-wide, and national clinics, conventions, and festivals. Our academy is also host to a number of workshops, contests, music enrichment programs, and other events in which music education educators are involved.

What if the student and teacher’s personalities don’t work well together or the student is dissatisfied? 

This is one of the advantages of taking your lessons at our school – we have 16 teachers so if a problem occurs – which is extremely rare – we can switch you over to one of the other teachers. If you think you may get more out of lessons from a teacher with a different teaching style, we have the flexibility to change you to another instructor.

These intensives can also be available by request.

Conflict Management 

Delve into the dynamics of conflict, unravel its complexities, and develop a better understanding of its various parts.

Discover how to pinpoint your most frequent sources of conflict and unlock practical strategies to manage them with skill. 

This empowering workshop that will equip you with the tools to transform conflicts into opportunities for connection and growth.


This empowering workshop was developed to enhance your parenting journey.

Gain valuable insights and tools to craft your personalized parenting framework, effectively navigate common parenting hurdles, and equip yourself with a practical step-by-step approach to confidently address even the most demanding parenting scenarios.

You’ll get an opportunity to foster growth and resilience in your parenting style.

Stress Management

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and stress management with our workshop. Unlock the key to understanding your stress and gain valuable insights into its origins.

Engage in interactive activities and insightful discussions that will guide you towards building a toolkit of healthy coping strategies.

From problem-solving strategies to tailored self-care practices, you'll develop a comprehensive collection of strategies to effectively manage and reduce stress in your daily life.

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