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For this conversation to be a part of your healing and transformation journey.


Once I get your form submission, I will review what you share, and I will contact you to get the episode conversation scheduled. You can either just record an interview segment with me sharing your story, or you can hang with me for the entire episode. Just let me know what you feel comfortable with.


We will record the episode and not stream it live because we just want to have a natural and safe conversation. I will ask you questions to emphasize, evaluate, and educate (the audience) about the healthy and helpful things you share in your story.


Because the show will not be scripted, we will edit it for clarity and for your comfort level. If you want to say something a second (or third time) you are welcome to. Just hanging out with you is a gift to me, so after we're done you can let me know if there's anything that you want to cut out. If there's nothing to edit out, we'll be good to go. I just want our community to hear your story. I can't wait.

The world needs to hear your story.

(and so do I)

Feel/fill out the form, and let's hang soon.

Thank you for considering being our guest.

I can't wait to hang out with you.

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