#1 Beautiful Sales Pages

Create stunning sales pages for your courses using dozens of eye-catching templates. No design or development skills needed.

#2 Intelligent sales engine

Sell more online courses with coupons, bundles, subscriptions, and Drip Feed. Our tools give you unparalleled flexibility in marketing your courses.

#3 Rich interactive courses

Captivate students' attention with our interactive video features, like titles, interactive buttons, and quizzes. Convert your texts into responsive ebooks.

#4 Fully social learning

A complete built-in social network for connecting with your students. The only online course platform that helps your students connect with peers.



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Courses, coaching, & counseling to help you

Take charge of your mental health.

Get an easy-to-use framework and practical tools to think better and transform your life.

Master Certification in Market Research

The skills you need to become a real professional. Thrive in your career.
Lesson series

Design from Beginner to Advanced

The #1 Course to Land a Job in Design. All necessary tools are included. Learn how to create amazing products for Beginners & Advanced professionals.
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I really enjoyed Peter's style of counseling. From the very beginning, my goals were his top priority; he never had an agenda. Peter helped me see who I really am and gave me practical ways live that out.
This has completely changed the course of my life. I never thought I would be able to confront my past; Peter showed me how untrue that is. He has helped me to walk through all of the pain of my past, and he is still helping me do that for myself.
I learned a lot about myself and gained a greater understanding of my thoughts. Peter approached the topics that I needed to deal with in a very educated and wise manner. He made me feel like he truly cared about my progress as a person.
Peter is awesome! He has helped me understand who I am and how my mind works. I’m able to better control my thoughts, therefore my actions and emotions which was the cause of my problem. So happy with the results!
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Courses, coaching, and counseling that help you

Take charge of your mental health

To get to your best. Start with better.

think better together
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You deserve to live a healthy life.

Don't let circumstances determine your health level. Improving your mental health is the first step to a transformed life. Take charge of your mental health. 

Don't just survive. Transform your life.

Once you take charge of your mental health, you're on your way to transformation. You don't have to keep the bar at survival, but you can reach goals that will completely change every important area of your life.

Minds Connected Framework

What makes us different
What makes us different
On-demand Courses
Interactive sessions
Collaborative plans
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Don't just survive. Transform your life.

we can
think better together

On-demand courses

Helpful videos, PDFs, worksheets, evaluations, surveys, and certificates.

Interactive sessions

Personal conversations to focus on what you need to work on most.

Collaborative plans

Invite the right people to be a part of your team and influence your journey along the way.
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Investing in your mental health doesn't have to be stressful.

Without a better framework and some of the best tools you can...
spend too much time searching for the right tools
wonder if things will ever get better
worry if what you're doing actually works
do nothing and watch things get worse
feel like you're alone
get discouraged and want to give up
Stay stuck in survive mode
You don't have to settle for survival. Get access to Minds Connected 101 and take charge of your mental health today. 

Collaborative plans

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Get immediate access to videos, audio files, downloadable PDFs, worksheets, and quizzes.

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Start using the easy-to-use framework and practical tools to master the power of self-awareness and get out of survive mode. 

Take charge of your mental health

Accomplish your mental health goals and transform your life.
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