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2 Things

One: Recommendation Reminder

At Minds Connected, we follow a framework that allows us to integrate information from a variety of resources. It's important to note that our recommendation of a book or any other resource doesn't necessarily mean our agreement with everything in it. We just think your minds could be connected. Please read responsibly. Enjoy exploring new ideas and perspectives!

Two: Amazon Links

If you click on the Amazon links, we do not receive a commission, so please buy the book wherever you want. 

List of Lists

For Everyone

For Couples

For Parents

For Therapists

For Coaches

For Christians

For Everyone

Atlas of the Heart
by Brené Brown

Social Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

Mindsight by Daniel J Siegel

Mindset by Carol S Dweck

Man's Search for Meaning
by Viktor Frankl

The Anxiety & Worry Workbook by David A Clark & Aaron T Beck

Authentic Happiness
by Martin E Seligman

Emotional Intelligence
by Daniel Goleman

The Little Book of Gratitude by Robert A Emmons

The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli

Thanks for the Feedback by Douglas Stone & Sheila Heen

Feeling Good
by David Burns

The Beck Diet Solution
by Judith S Beck

Conflict Resolution
by Daniel Dana

Rising Strong
by Brené Brown

The Mindful Brain
by Daniel J Siegel

For Couples

The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work by John M Gottman

The Solution Focused Marriage by Elliott Connie

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

His Needs Her Needs by Willard F Harley, Jr

Love is Not Enough by Aaron T Beck

10 Lessons to Transform Your Marriage by John M Gottman

Communication Miracles for Couples
by Jonathan Robinson

The Art of Emotional Validation by Emily Wright

Mindful Relationship Habits by S J Scott & Barrie Davenport

What Makes Love Last?
by John M Gottman & Nan Silver

I Hear Your
by Michael S Sorenson

Communication in Marriage by Marcus & Ashley Kusi

For Parents

& for Caregivers

The Whole-Brain Child by Daniel J Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson

Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen

Raising Human Beings by Ross W Greene

Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child by John M Gottman

The Connected Child
by Karyn Purvis

The Explosive Child
by Ross W Green

No-Drama Discipline
by Daniel J Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson

Positive Discipline Parenting Tools
by Jane Nelsen

Parenting from the Inside Out
by Daniel J Siegel

Positive Discipline for Preschoolers
by Jane Nelsen

by Daniel J Siegel

Positive Discipline for Teenagers
by Jane Nelsen

For Therapists

Cognitive Behavior Therapy by Judith S Beck

Schema Therapy
by Jeffrey Young

Collaborative Therapy
by Harlene Anderson

Therapy and Treatment planning...
by Diane Gehart

The Mindful Therapy
by Daniel J Siegel

10 Principles for Doing Effective Couples Therapy by Julie S Gottman & John M Gottman

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
 by Steven C Hayes

Positive CBT
by Fredrike Bannink

Cognitive Therapy for Anxiety Disorders
 by David A Clark & Aaron T Beck

Internal Family System
by Richard C Schwartz

Getting Past Your Past
by Francine Shapiro

The Body Keeps the Score
by Bessel van der Kolk

The Gift of Therapy
by Irvin D Yalom

The Schema Therapy Clinician's Guide
by Joan M Farrell

DBT Skills Training Manual by Marsha Linehan

Solution Focused Narrative Therapy
by Linda Metcalf

Experiencing Schema Therapy from the Inside Out by Joan M Farrell & Ida A Shaw

Group Cognitive Therapy for Addictions
by Amy Wenzel

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with Couples and Families
by Frank M Dattilio

Experiencing CBT from the Inside Out
by James Bennett-Levy

For Coaches

Coaching with the Brain in Mind by David Rock & Linda J Page

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching by Michael Neenan & Stephen Palmer

Solution Focused Coaching by Bill O'Connell, Stephen Palmer & Helen Williams

Coaching Questions by Tony Stultzfus

Coach the Person Not the Problem by Chad Hall

Quiet Leadership
by David Rock

Change Your Questions, Change your life
by Marilee Adams

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching by Michael Neenan & Wendy Dryden

Your Brain at Work
by David Rock

Coaching Plain & Simple by Peter Szabo, Daniel Meier, & Kristen Dierolf

What's Better today?
By John Kenworthy

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Distinctive Features by Michael Neenan

For Christians

Anatomy of the Soul by Curt Thompson

Every Body Matters by Gary Thomas

Winning the War in Your Mind by Craig Groeschel

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer

The Struggle is Real by Tim Clinton & Jared S Pingleton

Solution-Focused Pastoral Counseling by Charles Allen Kollar

The Quick-Reference Guide to Biblical Counseling by Tim Clinton

The Pastoral Counseling Treatment Planner by James R Kok & Arthur E Jongsma

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